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For the Grown Ups

We value the UNIQUE PRESENCE OF CHRIST IN CHILDREN. When we spend time with children, we experience the love, redemption, and presence of Jesus, who said of children, “the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


Let our children know they are at home with us. We value an ATMOSPHERE OF PATIENCE, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND HOSPITALITY towards our children and their parents.

SHOW ALL YOUR FAITH (not just a pretty one). Be honest about your own victory and struggle, prayer and accountability needs, and areas of faith and questions.

We value SIMPLE OPPORTUNITIES FOR CONNECTION between children and their family of faith. Some ideas:

  • Invite a child to sit with your family (ask the parents first).

  • Surprise a family with something new in their activity basket (if it is food, ask the parents first).

  • Ask good questions. Look below for ideas.

  • Consider “adopting” a child as a mentor to celebrate birthdays and faith milestones. Talk to Pastor Brett for more info.

  • Sit with children at our “quiet activity station” when it is available.

  • Encourage children with spoken and written words. Catch them making good choices.

  • Invite them to help, then thank them for their help and ask them to help again next week.

What is something fun or not fun that you did this week? Did you visit anyone? Did anyone visit you? Do you have any pets? Did they do anything funny this week? What is your favorite non-school thing?What is your favorite food? animal? color? holiday? What do you like to play at recess? Do you play a sport? What position? Who has the best kids meal toys right now? What is your favorite video game? What book have you read? Why did you like/not like it? What’s the funniest/best/worst/saddest thing you heard from the grown ups today? Who do you think needs prayer?

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