I-94 & SS (exit 290)   •   N14 W27995 Silvernail Rd Pewaukee, WI 53072 • 5 pm on Sundays  (262) 548-3744

What to Expect

Dinner church is church, but over dinner. We meet Sundays at 5 p.m. to encourage each other to know and live the teachings of Jesus, ask questions, grow friendships, and of course – share a meal.

You’ve never been to a dinner church? We understand. Visiting might feel like you’re crashing someone’s dinner party. But don’t worry – you’re not! We would love to meet you!

Here’s what to expect when you visit us:

Between 4:30-5 PM a few folks will arrive to help prepare our space for gathering.

Dinner is at 5 PM. We meet in our “dinner church room.” When you enter the front doors of the church turn left then right.

We value a gathering of simplicity and rest. We want your Sunday morning to be restful and your evening free of dishes!

Around 5:45 PM someone will lead our group in singing. We are led by whatever instrumental gifts we have. Christians have been singing together since the first century.  There are many ways we experience the music, and we welcome them all. Some stand, some sit. Some sing out loud, others listen and think about the words.

We spend time reading Scripture together. We always try to leave room for questions and discussion, but there will be no one calling on you. It is up to you how much you want to listen or speak up. We are open to hard conversations and ALL the questions you have about Christianity and the Bible. We also spend time praying for each other and the relationships we are growing in our neighborhoods

The weekly gathering of Jesus’ people, the church, has always been about growing in our knowledge of the teachings of Jesus, remembering what he did for us, building each other up in Jesus-shaped love, and partnering with each other to share that love with our neighbors (Acts 2:42). That’s really all our gatherings are about.

You may choose to arrive at 5 or 5:45 PM. Our goal is to conclude between 7-7:15 pm, but those who need to leave early are free to do so. Those who can stick around to chat, help clean up, or take leftovers are appreciated!

Starting on January 17, our gatherings will be a little different. We will still start at 5 PM for dinner. Then from 6-7:30 we will be offering a class on the Old Testament. Check it out.

Still not sure? E-mail Pastor Christina at newvisionbic@gmail.com with your questions or text 262-327-3612

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