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Want to know what we are like? Take a look at what we value—what’s important to us.

3 values that help define our “church personality”

We are like many other churches that take the Bible as God’s Word, and stress the joy of personally giving our lives to Jesus, but these three values help define where we fit in the spectrum of those churches:

1) CommunityBeing a family in Pewaukee ASP-0708-3333••

We are committed to each other. People jump in and make things happen. Lots of us typically show up when someone moves. People often hang around after our Sunday gathering for an hour, just to talk. In our Sunday gathering, we have time when anyone can share. Our LifeGroups, small groups that meet in homes during the week are super important to us. We on-purpose plant new churches before we grow large (though we greatly respect many of the larger churches around here) so we can stay family size. Hey, even our building was built mostly by volunteers!

2)Expanding the kingdom

What kingdom? The kingdom of God is the sum of the people who have given control of their lives to Jesus as their Lord. We have a high commitment to spreading the good news about who Jesus is and what he has done for us. We are pretty involved in missions around the world and connecting with the community around us.

3) FamilyFickett••.jpg

We know that family is the primary setting where people are shaped. We also know that many come from less-than-perfect family settings (and many of us aren’t in family settings). For these reasons, New Vision wants to do two things: 1) support families in every way we know how, and; 2) provide family to each other.

The value at the foundation

Of course God himself is at the foundation. But one thing we need to state up front—we try to steer by:

The Bible

You’ve heard someone say, “You can make the Bible say anything you want it to.” Well, maybe, but that doesn’t mean that’s what God wants it to say. If we study carefully, humbly weigh the insights and learning of others, and ask God to help us, we open the door for Him to guide our lives through His Word.

10 Core Values of our family of churches

We love this list of 10 core values that our family of churches has identified:

1) Experiencing God’s Love and Grace

We value the free gift of salvation in Christ Jesus and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

2) Believing the Bible

We value the Bible as God’s authoritative Word, study it together, and build our lives on its truth.

3) Worshiping God

We value heartfelt worship that is God-honoring, Spirit-directed, and life-changing.

4) Following Jesus

We value whole-hearted obedience to Christ Jesus through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit.

5) Belonging to the Community of Faith

We value integrity in relationships and mutual accountability in an atmosphere of grace, love, and acceptance.

6) Witnessing to the World

We value an active and loving witness for Christ to all people.

7) Serving Compassionately

We value serving others at their point of need, following the example of our Lord Jesus.

8) Pursuing Peace

We value all human life and promote forgiveness, understanding, reconciliation, and non-violent resolution of conflict.

9) Living Simply

We value uncluttered lives which free us to love boldly, give generously, and serve joyfully.

10) Relying on God

We confess our dependence on God for everything, and seek to deepen our intimacy with Him by living prayerfully.

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