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Myth #3: Prayer Is Pointless (Follow-Along Presentation Available)

The skeptic says “You go ahead and pray, I’m going to do something that makes a difference in this world!” Is she right? Is prayer pointless? (Follow-along presentation.)

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Myth #2: The Bible Is Unreliable (Follow-Along Presentation Available)

There’s a myth going around that the early Christians wrote the Bible after the fact—feeling free to fictionalize and adapt at will to try to sell their story. (Follow-along presentation.)

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Myth #1: The Bible Is All Corrupted (Follow-Along Presentation Available)

Like the telephone gossip game, some people say that the Bible has been hopelessly corrupted over the centuries. How can we know? How does it compare to other ancient documents? (Follow-along presentation.)

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How Come They’ve Got It So Good? (Follow-along presentation available)

It drives me nuts how those who care nothing about what matters swagger around as if they owned the world! Where is God in this? (Follow-along presentation.)

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Dead and Planted (Follow-along presentation available)

What’s the difference between “dead and buried,” and “dead and planted”? A look back to Daniel 7 will help us understand the background to Jesus’ parable about the grain of wheat. (Follow-along presentation.)

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