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Sermons on “Scripture”

Myth #4: All Religions Are the Same (Follow-Along Presentation Available)

There is often overlap in how religions say we should treat others, but on the other big questions of our lives, “How can we fix what is broken in us,” “what is my ultimate goal in life,” “Who am I accountable to,” etc., the religions of the world could hardly be more at odds. (Follow-along presentation.)

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Myth #2: The Bible Is Unreliable (Follow-Along Presentation Available)

There’s a myth going around that the early Christians wrote the Bible after the fact—feeling free to fictionalize and adapt at will to try to sell their story. (Follow-along presentation.)

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Myth #1: The Bible Is All Corrupted (Follow-Along Presentation Available)

Like the telephone gossip game, some people say that the Bible has been hopelessly corrupted over the centuries. How can we know? How does it compare to other ancient documents? (Follow-along presentation.)

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Don’t Just Do Something; Stand There (Part III) (follow-along presentation available)

Will we agree, ahead of time that Scripture will be the arbiter (referee, judge) for all of our questions? Will we stand on the Scripture as the authority above all others? Follow-along presentation.

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Don’t Just Do Something; Stand There! (Part II) (follow-along presentation available)

Doing good stuff, as good as it is, is not enough. We must stand firmly in the truth we have received from the Lord. Reality matters! If we see a picture of reality without God in His place and without the Scriptures informing us, we will be misled. Follow-along presentation.

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