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Sermons on “Commitment”

Myth #5: Suffering People Are Being Punished By God (Follow-Along Presentation Available)

There are many reasons we suffer. We want the answer to the question, “Why am I surffering?” Maybe the better question is “What shall I do with this suffering?” (Follow-along presentation.)

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Don’t Just Do Something; Stand There (Part III) (follow-along presentation available)

Will we agree, ahead of time that Scripture will be the arbiter (referee, judge) for all of our questions? Will we stand on the Scripture as the authority above all others? Follow-along presentation.

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Maintaining Boiling Point (follow-along presentation available)

What does “fiery hot in the Lord” look like? How does it fit or not fit with words like “emotionalism,” or “moderation”? Does zeal need safeguards? Follow-along presentation.

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Take My Yoke (Follows from week before) (follow-along presentation available)

We’re going to serve somebody! If we will take Jesus’ yoke, we will discover that it is perfect for us. Let’s lay it all down and serve Him. Follow-along presentation.

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