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Our Story

New Vision Church was founded in 1992 when five families sensed God’s call and moved to Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Pastor Matt Lewis

Pastor Matt Lewis

They quit their jobs, sold their homes and relocated to Waukesha. None knew much about Waukesha, only that it was God’s location for a brand new church. Its mission: To be an intimate church that follows Jesus to reproduce new churches that follow Jesus. Read more about New Vision’s Core Values.

Under the leadership of Pastor Matt Lewis, New Vision opened with humble beginnings in a daycare facility and then moved to an office building in downtown Waukesha. The congregation grew from 14 to over 125, and by 2000, it spun off 7 families and 5 individuals to daughter a new church plant.


After another surge in attendance, the New Vision congregation broke ground in 2002 on its own church facility at I-94 and Hwy SS in the City of Pewaukee. A few contractors, numerous congregation members and sister BIC churches (our family within the Christian Church) from neighboring states and Canada built the church building in old Amish barn-raising style from the ground up from Spring through mid-December. The first service was held Christmas Eve 2002.


New Vision’s mission requires that the congregation stay family-sized (under 200)[1]. It encourages its members to worship God intimately, love one another, follow Jesus wholeheartedly, share the good news of Jesus compassionately, and reproduce churches by sending out its spiritual children to begin new church plants. It’s first daughter-church plant was successfully launched in 2000. A second daughter-church plant was initiated in 2006.


Pastor John Fickett

Pastor John Fickett

After founding pastor Matt Lewis left to head up the Pastors of Excellence Program at Ashland Seminary, the church called a new pastor, John Fickett. John and his family moved here from Pennsylvania in November 2008. The church is growing toward the day when it will plant another daughter-church.




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[1] In Leadership Journal, Christian Schwarz citing the research of Natural Church Development, stated, “Small churches outperform large churches in seven out of eight categories,” those being 1) Empowering Leadership, 2) Gift-Oriented Ministry, 3) Passionate Spirituality, 4) Functional Structures, 5) Inspiring Worship Services, 6) Holistic Small Groups, 7) Need-Oriented Evangelism and 8) Loving Relationships.
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