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LifeGroups are a big part of what makes New Vision Church such a great place to be. People here think LifeGroups are just as important as the Sunday Morning gathering.

They are our primary means for caring for each other, the best place for mentoring/modeling the Christian life, the launchpad for reaching out with the Love of Jesus, the most practical place to work together on applying the principles of the Word, and the safest place to learn to use our gifts of the Holy Spirit. Not to mention we have a lot of fun being family together!

Our Sunday morning gathering is great for teaching; LifeGroups are ideal for hammering out application. On Sunday morning, only a few minister to the rest; in the small group, everyone has opportunity. In the big gathering you know you are part of something significant; in the small one, you know you are a significant part.

LifeGroups are groups of  7 – 15 people (sometimes kids are included), that gather weekly in homes for several purposes. We like to think of what LifeGroups accomplish under four headings:


LifeGroups are family. The relationships we form in LifeGroups are built over time, in a setting where we get to know one another “warts and all.” We are there for one another, learning to be patient with one another, watching God work in our gathering. Newcomers are always welcome.


LearnLifeGroups are one of the connecting points between God’s Word and our lives. In LifeGroups we can wrestle with the nitty-gritty, practical application of what we are learning from a careful study of the Bible.



ServeWe want out lives to make a difference for others. Our LifeGroup is a team with whom we can help someone move, work for disaster relief, assist with the aged, pack food relief kits, repair a roof, or any number of other worthwhile projects.



Reach-OutThrough modeling, encouragement and prayer, we seek to support one another in reaching out with the love of Jesus. We desire to share, in meaningful and appropriate ways, the good news of the Gospel with others. Our LifeGroup is our launchpad from which we know we will receive support, camaraderie and encouragement.





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