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Want to know more?

Here is a bit of the why behind our dinner church, the values that make our gatherings tick.


In one of the first churches as described in Acts 2, believers devoted themselves to studying God’s word, prayer, sharing a meal, and fellowship. God blessed them with spiritual vitality. No pastor, church, or small group can manufacture the fruit of discipleship. That is the work of the Spirit. We are SIMPLY FAITHFUL IN OUR DEVOTION.

We value a GATHERING CENTERED ON JESUS AND BECOMING MORE LIKE HIM. Our worship gathering is always open to everyone, but not for everyone. Struggles and victories with sin, confession and reconciliation, encouragement, prayer, accountability, and the practice of Christian disciplines are part of what we do, but we won’t make you do it. We trust Jesus to walk with each of us as we become more like him.

WE HAVE JESUS IN COMMON. We lament the things that divide us, and desire conversations around difficult topics to be full of grace and truth.

We value obedience to two commands Jesus gave to the church (Greek “ekklesia”)

  • In Matthew 18 Jesus says that IF A BROTHER OR SISTER CAUSES HURT WE ARE TO GO TO THEM FIRST. Jesus also taught us to both offer and ask for forgiveness.
  • In Matthew 16, Jesus describes the church as an army who has left its own city to storm the gates of hell, and he promises that his army of love will prevail. WE ARE A CHURCH AMONG OUR NEIGHBORS, WITNESSING TO CHRIST THROUGH OUR LIVES AND SERVING OTHERS AT THEIR POINT OF NEED.

We value a safe place to be honest. SAFETY REQUIRES CONFIDENTIALITY. Personal things shared are held confidential unless permission is granted from the person sharing.

We value CHRIST CENTERED FRIENDSHIP and “continuing the conversation.” Our worship includes a meal. Our mature Christians will seek out our young people in age and in heart to talk about their lives and faith.


For more on the core values of our larger tradition, the Brethren in Christ, go to https://bicus.org/about/what-we-believe/core-values/

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