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A Church in Your Neighborhood

We don’t want to attract you to just another church building or church experience. That’s why we think of our neighborhoods as much as our church building. We actually think of ourselves like missionaries!

We do have a building. And some of us do meet there on Sundays. We would love for you to join us; it is where some of our best conversations happen. But when we invite people to “come to church” we are inviting them to meet Jesus. For New Vision, that invitation might also be to a home, or coffee shop, an office, a breakroom, or a game night.

Meeting Jesus may simply mean finding out more about the beliefs of Christianity, or finding out what’s actually in the Bible. We are a family that is growing, none of us “know it all” or “have all the answers.” But, we all hope to understand more next year than we do now. Many of us have become convinced of the truth of Jesus, he has changed our lives, and we look forward to meeting with our spiritual brothers and sisters on a weekly basis. That’s how the very first church got started!

New Vision is small on purpose [1]. It has always been that way. Part of the original “new vision” was to be a spiritual family – big enough to combine our gifts to do things we couldn’t do otherwise, but small enough to know each other.

Among us you can find missionaries to:

  • Neighborhoods in Waukesha, Pewaukee, and Delafield
  • WCTC
  • Coffee Shops
  • Special needs young adults who need work
  • Two neighborhoods preparing to welcome Habitat for Humanity
  • A building that welcomes hundreds for conferences and special worship nights
  • A parking lot that serves motorists off of I-94
  • Elementary, Middle, and High Schools all over Lake Country
  • A senior facility
  • A pizza delivery vehicle

We even support some “real” missionaries overseas. We know people in Thailand, Spain, Guatemala, India, Quebec, and more.

[1] In Leadership Journal, Christian Schwarz citing the research of Natural Church Development, stated, “Small churches outperform large churches in seven out of eight categories,” those being 1) Empowering Leadership, 2) Gift-Oriented Ministry, 3) Passionate Spirituality, 4) Functional Structures, 5) Inspiring Worship Services, 6) Holistic Small Groups, 7) Need-Oriented Evangelism and 8) Loving Relationships. Click here for the article.
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